I've not had an opportunity to get out and take any photos for a while but managed to go into the centre ville (city centre) on Tuesday because it was a public holiday and I was not at work.
I went into town for two main reasons. The first reason was to take some photos of a huge street art project that was completed last year during 'Jeux du Pacifique' (the Pacific Games). There are many art projects around the city commissioned during the 'Jeux' and I will hopefully get to most of them over the coming months.
The first photo I took is the reason I like this artwork. For me the detail is amazing. As someone who struggles to draw anything that resembles what I have been asked to draw I always find this kind of thing a bit mind blowing.
Here are some of the other photos I took.
The second reason was to take photos of all the shops that have street art on their shutters and because it was May Day all the shops were closed and therefore their shutters were down.
There does seem to be an epidemic of artwork on the shops shutters in Nouméa and the surrounding area with even a dog grooming salon having a picture of a pink poodle spray painted onto it shutter.
Location: Several locations around the Centre Ville, Nouméa.

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