I've thought long and hard, probably too long and too hard, about what to put up as my first post. I have no idea whether this blog or the photos I take will be of any interest to others but I wanted to put something out there that I enjoy about this place in the Pacific, that's a little bit different to the normal image of beaches, beaches and more beaches.

This blog is also a little about me doing something that I enjoy. The previous couple of years here have not been that positive for me for various reasons and so in an attempt to be more positive in myself I decided that I should do things that make me happy. Getting out and taking pictures makes me happy and I love some of the street art I have come across since I have been here so it seems a natural coming together.

I am not an expert on street art and don't pretend to know or understand the meaning behind some of the artwork I photograph. Some things I like and some I don't but I will put them up here anyway. I have a personal taste like everyone else and what I might not appreciate other surely will.

Okay so on with the photos and what to show first. My first thought was to show my favourite piece of art but maybe starting with my favourite would mean it would be all down hill from here, for me anyway. Although I have, over the last year, taken numerous pictures of street art around Nouméa I decided rather than put something up I have already photographed I would choose a new one.

So this morning, after dropping my daughter at school at 7h30, I ventured out to capture a piece of art that I have been meaning to go and look at for the last couple of weeks. This particular piece was included in an exhibition held at the Mairie (town hall) in the Centre Ville towards the end of last year (2011) by Cécile Paintoux, a locally based photographer. I didn't know where the artwork was and just happened upon it while posting Christmas cards!
I really like this. I think I like the use of the steps to position the characters. I like the legs with heels starting to make their way down the steps as well.

To my pleasant surprise this wasn't the only artwork there so I spent some time taking photos of the rest.
I like these guys and there are more silhouettes in other places around the city, so you may get to see more of them on here.
I have more photos and when I get time I will post them in a seperate post or add them to the photos page. I will also give a location at the bottom of posts as to where the street art is so that if you happen to be nearby you can take a look.

Location:  Rue de l'Anse Vata next to the Lagoon Shopping Centre, opposite the OPT in Receiving.
26/2/2012 18:36:31

This is a perfect choice for a blog by you. I loved it.

27/2/2012 05:59:20

Thx BB. x

26/2/2012 19:24:10

Hi Andy - love your blog and you first post. What shocked me about it was that I can't remember noticing this stuff on the streets. How much did I miss during our three years there? So sorry you've had a difficult time. I think Don and I would appreciate just how difficult it can be in Noumea sometimes when others wouldn't necessarily. Thinking of you and looking forward to your next post. Cheers, Jane

27/2/2012 05:58:43

Hi Jane - thanks for the nice comments. I'm sure some of the things that I will photograph will have been around when you guys were here. It took me a while to 'see' it and you also have to go out of your way to find some of it. Sorry it's not the colonial doors that you wanted. Andy

27/2/2012 21:09:40

Well start a second blog and give me lots of what I did notice: fabulous colonial houses!

27/2/2012 08:53:24

beautiful pics AS. Hope ur all well.

17/6/2012 15:09:07

Nice to find your blog... another way to visit Nouméa...

17/6/2012 19:29:45

Merci Christine. I have taken a lot more photos and I am trying to find the time to put them up so come back every now and again and I will have more on the blog.
I will also sit down with my French/English dictionary and have a read through your blog.


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